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By utilizing our many decades of machining and designing aluminum of parts, we have engineered and offer a full line of ADD-A-RIBS.
WE DO NOT OFFER ONE SIZE FITS ALL. Instead we offer different Add on Ribs in seven heights from 3/8" to 1½", the lengths range from 31 ½” to 25¾” and 3/8” in width. When your ADD-A-RIB is installed on top of the original rib it blends with the original manufacturers design.

  • We offer the largest selection of fixed add on ribs in the United States and World Wide.
  • We will custom cut your ADD-A-RIB to any length you need at no additional cost as long as it falls in our stock sizes.
  • Optional drilling of front bead and mid bead is available at additional cost.
  • Purchase of front bead sight and mid bead sight available at additional cost.

No one in the United States or Europe can compare with our workmanship, selection, delivery time and ability to ship worldwide. Our full line of Add-A-Ribs fit 99% of all shotgun barrels.


The price of all of our Add-A-Ribs no matter what size you order is...
$ 169.00USD
We Ship Worldwide

To help you in choosing the right Rib height, length, Mid-bead location, please have your shotgun in front of you if possible and call 631-319-6959 and either Ray or Joe will help you in determining the right product to buy.

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