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Use the enclosed alcohol wiping pads to remove all grease, grit, and grime from the top of your barrel. NOTE: If you do not clean the top of your barrel rib, your Add-A-Rib will not stick properly, and eventually work itself loose. Make sure the surface is absolutely clean, and free of grease, fingerprints, and any type of oil. Do not touch the top of the barrel with your hands, especially if you just changed the oil in your car...3M TAPE doesn't stick to oil or grease of any type.

If you plan to leave your existing mid-bead in place (and we recommend you do), we suggest you do the following:

  • Verify that your Add-A-Rib is the correct length you ordered
  • Place the Add-A-Rib at the front edge of your rib and it should end just before the beginning of your down ramp of your shotgun rib.
    If everything is correct, then proceed to do the following:

Before removing the red 3M protective tape from the bottom of the Add-A-Rib; make sure everything is aligned, then press firmly down so that you make an indentation mark from your existing mid-bead into the bottom of the tape. Then take a battery operated speed control drill, drill through the tape and partially into the rear aluminum surface of the bottom of the rib. (Do not drill thru plate entirely). That will create a pocket for your old mid-bead.

Remove the red 3M protective tape exposing the 3M adhesive. Re-align the Add-A-Rib to the front of your barrel rib and check the ramp end to see that it does not pass in front of ramp down on your rib. Make sure to align the Add-A-Rib so that it is equal on both sides of your rib, and that it will be equal all the way down. Then press firmly down (make sure your barrel is lying horizontally, rib up).

Use 3 plastic clamps large enough so you can clamp the top of the Add-A-Rib and the bottom of your barrel. (The clamps can be purchased at Home Depot and Lowe’s). Place each clamp front, middle, & back.

For best results leave clamps on for a minimum of 24-36 hours. Make sure the clamps do not tilt the Add-A-Rib; make sure the rib is perfectly straight up and down. Note: Don’t be in a rush. Let the adhesive cure for best results.

To remove the Add-A-Rib, simply use fishing mono-filament 30-40lb test line. Slide the line between your original barrel rib and the bottom of the Add-A-Rib, moving fishing line side to side, this action will separate the Add-A-Rib from the old rib.

NOTE: If you left your original mid-bead in place, you will have to stop when the line touches your old mid-bead then start the process all over again from the ramp end of your Add-A-Rib. Never try to cut the Add-A-Rib with a razor, or try to pull the rib off your barrel…you will bend and destroy the Add-A-Rib.

If you follow the simple removal instructions, there should never be any damage to the top of the barrel or original rib. If you follow the above steps, your Add-A-Rib will never come loose, and your rib will never fall off. A quality installation rests with you. If you have any questions regarding the rib installation (before beginning) you can call Ray or Joe at (631) 319-6959 from 9 AM – 5 PM EST Monday – Friday, and Saturday, from 9 AM – 12 PM (because once you’ve installed the rib, you cannot move the Add-A-Rib back and forth, or side to side).

Remember, if you make a mistake, 3M tape is always available.

Hope your scores jump, and have fun.

Good Shooting

Ray & Joe

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